Blijburg aan zee. Adres: Pampuslaan 501 - 1087 HP - Amsterdam. Reserveren: 020 416 0330.

Live: New Orleans Swamp Donkeys!!


Thursday 10 July 2014

De uit New Orleans afkomstige Swamp Donkeys zijn bezig met hun Europese tour en hebben Blijburg gekozen als hun Amsterdamse locatie.

Entree is gratis! Maar we gaan wel rond met de hoed, dus een gepaste bijdrage heel graag.

Tradition Never Goes Out of Style

The Swamp Donkeys play traditional jazz, blues, jass originals, vaudeville, modern jazz adaptations, and many other jazz and New Orleans-derived styles. They are extremely versatile. They have beginnings and educations in the authentic, New Orleans, grassroots music scene, playing local festivals and second lines, then growth into world-class music education programs, playing in concerts across the country. Their diverse sound is enormously accessible with their frontmen, the Louis Armstrong-sounding James Williams, and the audience-wooing, banjo-strumming Sam Friend. (Though James does plenty of audience-wooing himself!)
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